Cory Kennedy became a star at sixteen years old due to the Cobra Snake. Cobra Snake, also known as Mark Hunter, was a photographer documenting the LA party scene. A scruffy young guy (twenty-one when he met Kennedy), Hunter was a bit of a legend for his access to the best of highbrow and low-brow LA nightlife. One night he would be at graffiti star Shepard Fairey’s DJ show at La Cita in downtown LA, and another he’d be taking pictures of a fashion runway show. All of these photos were put up on his site, Polaroid Scene, which later became the Cobra Snake. Imagine receiving a celebrity messages personalised video!

One night in the summer of 2005, at a music show at El Rey Theatre on Wilshire Boulevard, Hunter met Kennedy, a meeting that would be the watershed moment in Kennedy’s life as she knew it. About six months later, Kennedy started interning for Hunter and joining him at all the celebrity events he photographed. But two other things happened: Hunter and Kennedy started dating, and Hunter started posting pictures of Kennedy attending all those events they photographed together. Hunter then noticed something very interesting: When he posted those pictures of Kennedy, his web traffic spiked dramatically. So, naturally, he posted more pictures of her. By the following summer, Kennedy was on the cover of übercool fashion magazine NYLON and featured in newspaper articles and profiles in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times and in various other mainstream media. She appeared in a music video rocking out to Good Charlotte’s “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl,” which became one of the most widely viewed Internet videos of all time. Kennedy signed on as the face of makeup company Urban Decay and she became friends with all the young starlets from Paris to Lindsay Lohan to Samantha Ronson. She became one of the most popular girls on MySpace (over 20,000 friends) and developed an active Twitter following (some 23,000 followers as I write this). Receiving a celebrity birthday messages video message would be awesome!

Along the way, Hunter and Kennedy broke up. These days she spends her time with her new rock star boyfriend (at the time this book was written, she was dating Jamie Reynolds of the indie Brit band Klaxons) and pals around with British socialite celebrity Peaches Geldof. A look at her tweets tells a story of a girl living on a plane traveling from glamorous city to glamorous city to runway shows and parties with the London–LA–New York jet set. Her blog features pictures of the details of her life, including a montage of photos from her attendance at an Easter party thrown by Paris Hilton. (Paris is wearing a faintly ridiculous sequined hot pink bunny outfit, which doesn’t really strike the traditional tone of the holiday, but she looks fabulous nonetheless.) Kennedy’s MySpace profile features dozens of videos of the various interviews she has given at the Marc Jacobs runway shows, at Betsy Johnson’s runway show, at a NYLON party, and the list goes on. Thrillz is a website where you can buy a happy birthday video message presonalised video message!

In one of these short videos, an overly eager interviewer shoves a microphone in Kennedy’s face and asks, “How do you feel about being the ‘it’ model of the world right now?” Kennedy’s response was not noteworthy. While Paris, despite seeming vapid, is able to entertain with her witty one-liners and the fact that she seems to revel in her gloriously absurd existence, Kennedy’s verbal skills are not scintillating. Most of her interviews involve her muttering uninteresting non sequiturs that never quite form a sentence. In that respect, some might argue Cory Kennedy is not actually star material. As one Gawker commentator put it: “Go to school, honey. Go to prom. Assemble a vocabulary.” Gawker itself has called Kennedy a variety of cruel names, from “homeless-looking hipster” to “teen fabutard” to “Internetard” to being a part of a coterie of “notable idiots.” No wonder Thrillz is so popular.. receiving a celebrity video message would be so cool!

Okay, she can’t give a good interview, and okay, her insouciance comes with too much effort, but that hasn’t stopped Kennedy from maintaining her high-profile existence and hobnobbing with the global crowd. As long as Kennedy keeps her mouth closed, she certainly looks like any other celebrity. She has nice hair, always tangled in her signature style. She has porcelain skin. She has big, wide eyes and long eyelashes. She dresses somewhat quirkily in the grungy chic that supermodels on their days off cultivate perfectly. Kennedy is as good-looking and stylish as any star, but more important, photographs document Kennedy hanging out front and center with celebrities, including her rock star boyfriend. A celebrity video messages could really brighten someones day!